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Paris Hilton on Supernatural?!? What the FAH?

My jaw is anchored to the floor right now, so its quite hard for me to type…



This is the worst thing to happen to SPN since Pappa Winchester died! Can someone please explain to me why this fame whore will be in Supernatural next season?… Im hoping shes just playing herself or something.. because if they plan on making her an actual character on the show, I’ll rip my hair out!



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‘MAZIN Deviantart artists!

I just felt it was necessary to dedicate a blog post to the TALENTED artists on Deviantart.

I’m apart of the Deviantart community, so i’m exposed to amazing art daily.
(My deviantart page)

And a few of them stood out more than others…


She is AMAZING, i don’t understand where she finds such unique images insider her brain, and how she’s able to string them together to create beautiful masterpieces, shes truly an inspiration.


Bobsmade, is one of my favorite artists on Deviantart he/she (im not really sure if its a guy or girl) has a unique drawing style, and never sises to amaze me. I one day dream of owning one of her/his pieces!


Hazzards pieces ooze attention to detail, and care. Her Supernatural fanart pieces never get past my “Fav” button. I could stare at her pieces for DAYYZ, there amazing, almost everytime after I finish analyzing on of her SPN pieces I pop in one of my SPN DVD’s.


BUAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! Kris-Wilson’s comics never leave me laugh-less (is that a word???). I- LOVE – THIS – GUY!




SIMPLY BREATHTAKING! All of her pieces leave my jaw glued to the floor. TRULY an inspiration!

There are ALOT more artist on the site that I admire, but these ones stick out like a soar thumb. Make sure you check out Deviantart when ever you need a refreshing splash of ART.

*I made sure not to post images of artists work, you’ll just have to go onto there deviantart page and see for yourself. You can  take my word for it. 😉

-Curtia ❤

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Chris Angel is a Douche Bag…

…That’s the title of the Supernatural episode coming on tonight, i can’t WAIT!

Ive been waiting for it for about a month now, WOOOOT!

The title sounds HIGH-LARIOUS, but the trailer looks


I just had to announce the good news!


-Curtia ❤

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My Bloody Valentine Review XD

So all week Ive been PUMPED to see the new movie “My Bloody Valentine 3D”,  and finally last night i got a chance to see it. I was excited manly because Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is in it (Im a DIEHARD Supernatural FAN) … And I LOVE JENSEN ❤



So basically the synopsis is: (From IMDB) Tom (Ackles) returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine’s night massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. Instead of a homecoming, however, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders, and it seems like his old flame (King) is the only one will believes he’s innocent.

Here’s the trailer:

This movie delivered BUCKETS of BLOOD and GORE, it made you question your own theories (who the killer was) like every five minutes. The movie goes on like a classic horror movie does, people get killed, suspicion arises on who the killer is and BLOOD is thrown into the mix in every scene.  If your looking for a classical horror slasher movie with plenty of jumpy moments, this is the movie for you. I LOVED the fact that it was shown in 3D! First of all you get these cool little glasses, and it feels as if your in the movie (making it TEN TIMES scarier). I think if your going to see this movie, the only way your REALLY going to enjoy it is if you go and see it in 3D (not alone).

If your the kind of person who enjoys movies with deep story lines and incredible acting, you might wanna skip out on this one. This might sound biased since im a die HARD Supernatural fan, but i thought Jensen did the best acting job in this film. Overall i liked My Bloody Valentine, the acting was cliche but it added to that classic horror cheesiness.


(3 stars of of 5)

PS: If your interested the original was realesed in 1981  and from what i heard is really good, some say its better than the new version.

Here’s a IMDB link—–> My Bloody Valentine 1981

-Curtia ❤


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