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Final product


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Where the Wild things Are..


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I literally have a stack of paintings that aren’t completed yet, or need to be redone.

I redid one already;



Some might say it looked better before, well i say “skrew you!” I painted the “before” picture for an   artshow,

apparently i didn’t READ the instructions properly on how to SUBMIT my work, so i was REJECTED from the show.

The art show was called ADDICTION, and I was supposed to paint anything that had to do with addiction. This painting depicts a girl who is being engulfed in snowy mountains due to her addiction, shes smoking  spliff in the painting. There are pieces of mountain stuck in her hair, growing from her. She’s becoming the cold mountain.

After staring at this failed piece sitting in the corner of my room for weeks, I finally got so agitated at seeing it EVERYDAY that I painted over her face  and background with white acrylic paint.

This was surprisingly satisfying.

The piece then sat in my room for a whole 3 weeks after that, I finally decided to paint over it. I used an old sketch as reference and went off from there. I wanted the background to contrast with the mountains, I wanted it to look surrel and flat, compared to the realistic 3d mountains. But I stumbled upon a problem while painting it… The damn YELLOW from the sun :S!! Now I feel I need to go over it AGAIN with a different colour. I swear there’s like 3 inches of caked on paint on that canvas now.


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Can’t buy me LOVE!


And this game equals LOVE.


I’ve been waiting on a Beatles themed game ever since guitar hero came out, and finally the day has come. I am aware that this trailer has been out for a while now, but its so damn exiting! I just HAVE to post it up on my blog.

Here’s the MMM’azing trailer:



I just finished playing the new Batman demo for PS3, Arkham Asylum. Its killer, can’t wait for the game to come out.

Here’s one of the MANY  AWE-SOME-SAUCE trailers, check it out:

This game is too fun for words, make sure you download the free demo.

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Total cuteness and Hilarity!

If you enjoyed Twilight, or hated it, you’ll LOVE this video! Its a great video to begin your Monday off with a laugh!

I haven’t seen something THIS cute in like forever! This baby monkey named Elke is amazingly adorable!


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Where the wild things are POSTER


OMG, i ADORDED this book as a child!

Coming Soon reports that a teaser poster for Spike Jonze‘s Where the Wild Things Are has debuted in Nick Magazine. Check it out below!

Synopsis: (From Imdb) An adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s story, where Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world–a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler

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The Watchmen Movie Review

Watchmen COMIC

Watchmen COMIC

This has been a movie that I’ve been anticipating for quite a while now, after reading the astonishing novel/comic book I had to go and see it.

The Watchmen movie was an amazing live action version of Alan Moores comic book. It brought to life the gritty realness of  all the characters who manipulated atoms by just thinking about them, dawned a Rorschach mask, followed the ways of there predecessors, used intelligence to conquer all and blew up anything that moved and lived to tell a joke about it.

Synopsis: in 1985 the glory days of costumed vigilantes have been brought to a close by a government crackdown, but after one of the masked veterans is brutally murdered an investigation into the killer is initiated. The reunited heroes set out to prevent their own destruction, but in doing so discover a deeper and far more diabolical plot.

The Watchmen should not be compared to such comic book films as Spider-man, Superman and The Hulk. Seeing that it incorporates of lot of the following things; gore (LOTS), sex, nudity (the MAIN character is naked 24/7) and  political events in which really took place, makes this film unsitible for the faint of heart or for young children. When I say unsuitible for children I mean it, if you suspect this film to be in any way educational or entertaining for your child PLEASE refrain. At one point in the film a mans arm is literatly SPLIT into half, exposing raw bone and  tatterd flesh. Also that the writing and GENIUS behind the novel and film over power that of any other comic book or comic book movie (in my opinion).

What I found most pleasing about the film was the artistic cinematography, it showed that Zack Snyder cared about keeping the film true to the comic book. The illustrator who created the imagery in the Watchmen novel, Dave Gibbons, was pleased with the result of the close attention to detail.

Dave beside Watchmen Book

Dave beside Watchmen Book

The character I found the most interesting in the film and novel, has to be Rorschach. Being a man with now powers, he sure has the the courage to do what ever and fight whomever he pleases, a total contrast to Dr. Manhattan. Once he puts on his Rorschach shifting “face”, he becomes his alter ego, he is NO LONGER Walter Kovacks, but the crime fighting vigilanti who doesnt give a shit about nothing or no one. The character I could sympathise the most with would be the Nite owl. He showed me the passion one could have for something, in his case being a superhero, and loosing it without looking back. When he decided he  no longer wanted to be Dan Dreiberg, and rode out with The silk spectre II in his Nite owl ship to save civilianze, I “WOO WHOO’D” inside.

If you are a LOYAL fan of the Watchmen, this movie will be entertaining for you, but you might not like the subtle “changes” that occur throught the movie. Overall I thought this was a work of art as was the comic, and  opened many peoples eyes to the intellegence in which can come from a comic book. Not EVERYONE who reads comic books is a “geeek” you know!



(5 stars out of 5)

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