Dragasmic contacted me this week asking me to apply  for there Artshow and book. I’m really excited for this, I’m so anxious to start!

This is how I feel

I’m heading out to Curry’s first thing tomorrow morning to buy some supplies! WOOT. To bad the Artshow will be held in Saint Louis 😦

Some Info on Drawgasmic (from site):

“We’re bringing together the work of 1000 international artists, illustrators, and designers in an exhibition and book unlike anything ever created before! We’re showing off the edgy creative talent that is tipping the institutionalized art world on its head! You’ll be gasping in wonder as you view piece after piece of the best independent art around!

You won’t want to miss this truly original compendium of art!
HAVE A DRAWGASMIC EXPERIENCE! You will enjoy it! :)”

The art show takes place on July 2010, art work will be sold online after the artshow. The book can also be purchased, view the site to see which retailers are carrying them. Click the icon for more info:

Drawgasmic Art Exhibition - The Art, Illustration, and Design Compendium

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