I literally have a stack of paintings that aren’t completed yet, or need to be redone.

I redid one already;



Some might say it looked better before, well i say “skrew you!” I painted the “before” picture for an   artshow,

apparently i didn’t READ the instructions properly on how to SUBMIT my work, so i was REJECTED from the show.

The art show was called ADDICTION, and I was supposed to paint anything that had to do with addiction. This painting depicts a girl who is being engulfed in snowy mountains due to her addiction, shes smoking  spliff in the painting. There are pieces of mountain stuck in her hair, growing from her. She’s becoming the cold mountain.

After staring at this failed piece sitting in the corner of my room for weeks, I finally got so agitated at seeing it EVERYDAY that I painted over her face  and background with white acrylic paint.

This was surprisingly satisfying.

The piece then sat in my room for a whole 3 weeks after that, I finally decided to paint over it. I used an old sketch as reference and went off from there. I wanted the background to contrast with the mountains, I wanted it to look surrel and flat, compared to the realistic 3d mountains. But I stumbled upon a problem while painting it… The damn YELLOW from the sun :S!! Now I feel I need to go over it AGAIN with a different colour. I swear there’s like 3 inches of caked on paint on that canvas now.


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