Damned//Tru Love

Woot, I cant believe I finished this piece so fast!!

Some speedy process shots

Some speedy process shots

IMG_1263This painting was mostly guesstimation (is that a word?..probably not…whateva), her hair and scarf and the background were easy to paint, but her face was just…ugh. So instead of carefully drawing out the features on her face, i guessed half of it, and im quiet happy with the result. 🙂 I entitled it “Damned” because she looks like a pissed off bitch with some anger issues.

I just finished my summer job, and im at home bored as FUHk. Today I had nothing better to do so I took pictures of the MANY issues of Juxtapoz I own… And boy was i surprised. Each issue costs around 8 bucks and I have a total of 22 issues… you do the math (no, seriously do the math… I suck at math).

Here it is:


TOOO DELZ, have a great dayy


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