Set your phazers on stun kiddies, because this post is about to get DANGEROUSLY High-larous! If you haven’t heard of these two boys, i feel SORRY for you. Your lives must be depressing and not worth living!!!

I present to you the funniest online duo ever to grace the pages of the internet,


I was seriously expecting jolts of lightning and confetti to burst from my computer, but i guess dreams dont always come true.. 😦

I first saw one of there vids about a year back on College Humor (, these guys bring the LOL’s in EVERY video, no joke.

Here’s some of my FAVOURITE VIDEO’s (yeah im canadian,i spell favourite with a “U”, you gotta problem with that?)

This one is a Hardly Working one, but it has a lot of Amir in it, so its Awesome-Sauce.

Enjoy kiddies 😀

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